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This is a new blog written by Mums for Mums.

One of our primary aims when we all first met only a few months ago was wanting to help other Mums like us. So, here we are! Please bear with us as this is new and very much a tentative toe in the water of the world of blogging but we hope that by sharing our experiences, thoughts, fears and hopes we may be able to help others like us.

What do our mums have in common?

We have all experienced a traumatic birth and as a result have all been formally diagnosed with “post traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD).

What makes a traumatic birth you may ask?

Truthfully it could be anything that made you feel out of control, that was out of the norm, or left you feeling traumatised.

Our Mum’s traumatic birth experiences.

We have a range of birth experiences; including Catastrophic Haemorrage, Emergency Caesarean Sections, tearing during delivery(grade 3), placenta accreta, a ruptured womb and baby resuscitation at birth.

How can we help?

Its important for us that our site helps anyone who has felt traumatised and that you as the reader aren’t categorised or deterred from reading on. A trauma is a trauma that can have a disabling/suppressive effect on your life and that of your partner, family and friends.

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  1. Hello – just want to say congratulations on your blog – it is wonderful that you are wanting to offer support to women and men who are suffering after birth trauma. We wanted to offer our own blog as a further resource : “Birth Trauma Truths” is the blog’s title. We are from an Australian group called Birthtalk.org, that was begun by myself and my sister-in-law, who is a midwife, after my own traumatic birth 12 years ago. Our blog is about telling the truth about traumatic birth, and what women need to know on the healing journey. Feel free to check out our blog here : http://birthtraumatruths.wordpress.com/. Wishing you all the best with this important work you are doing 🙂

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