Can you help this journalist help others? …

Our facebook page got this enquiry end of 2014, and there’s a few of us who’ve put ourselves forward !
… why not just speak with her to understand 1. Whether you can help  and 2. Whether you’d be comfortable with it all.


Anyway, here’s what she said …

” I’m a freelance journalist writing an article on PTSD after birth, something I don’t believe is written about enough.
I’ve spoken with the RCM and Shiela Kitzinger, I’m now looking to talk to mums willing to share their own stories to highlight PTSD and, hopefully, help new mums who may have been misdiagnosed with PND, may be struggling to really understand what they’re going through or suffering in silence.

My email is and my number is 07967 665 685

I hope you can find the strength to speak with her.  From experience, it has helped my wife and I by speaking out.  ‘something’ good from the gloomy PTSD that has hit you may be!