Emotional Freedom Technique…its helping my PTSD

ok, yesterday was really really bad. BUT at a Drs appt some weeks ago I met an amazing lady called Sue(who was actually the Drs secretary). She has since introduced me to an amazing technique called EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT). In a nutshell its really simple and involves you tapping on the main meridian points of your body whilst talking through any issues…anxiety/fear/self doubt. You incorporate the manta ‘I choose to love and accept myself’. Sue is not a ‘hippy dippy person…her words. She is a person who has served in the armed forces, worked for the met police and as a financial advisor. She is very much facts and evidence based. She has shown me this technique and given me and my husband time and understanding. EFT has been used on soldiers in america with PTSD and shown to have amazing results, way better than any drugs. Sue pointed me in the direction of You Tube and a gentleman called Brad Yates who specialises in EFT and literally has hundreds of videos you can follow. I have just followed one about fear and letting go of hurt. I feel better…calmer. Its helping. Maybe you should try it? Let me know what you think

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