Emotional Freedom Technique to help PTSD

Earlier this summer I met a wonderful lady called Sue.

Our meeting was not the best. I had been sent to the local mental health hospital for an appt with a Dr to discuss how to look at ongoing treatment for my PTSD as the local perinatal unit I had been under could not sustain this. Mine has been categorized as acute and long term.

The meeting started badly, the Dr turned up late and didn’t have my notes. When she asked me to explain my background and reason for being there I’ll be honest I lost the plot!

It felt like this year had been a constant battle being passed from pillar to post in looking for help/care in treating my PTSD. My G.P had told me to go back to the perinatal unit, they then told me as my baby was now 1 they could no-longe r help me and that I needed to be seen by my loocal mental health team. So I ended up at an appt where the Dr hadn’t even taken the courtesy to read my notes…..and turned up late

I need to give this background for you to further understand what a life line Sue literally was. I ended up having a full blown panic attack in the surgery and Sue came in to help. She was the Drs secretary.

She held my hand, listened to me, didn’t judge and justified my feelings. WOW. It was like a revelation. No-one was telling me ‘but your alive…..but you have two children…..but its been over a year…..pull yourself together’.

She explained that she had worked in the army and the police, that she herself had shared some of my experiences and the way that I was reacting was completely normal and to be expected.

She listened. She understood. She helped me more in those 30 minutes or so than any Dr had in the previous 12 months.

She explained that she worked outside of her role as a therapist and had used ’emotional freedom technique’  to great success to help her and others.

She took our address and sent us an amazing CD which showed how ‘EFT’ had been used on a variety of war veterans from all different backgrounds(Iraq war, vietnam etc). She explained that my PTSD symptoms were no different to there’s and watching the CD showed this to be true. This helped a great deal in rationalising how I felt and why. They too had flashbacks, acute anxiety, startled response reflex, nightmares etc.

She also suggested I look on You Tube and start practising the technique using ‘Brad Yates’ videos.  The videos are simple to follow, often taking no more than 10 minutes and have helped. There are a range of subjects you can pick from whether its to help with anxiety or confidence, motivation, weight loss, insomnia etc.

What resonates the most were Sues words, that this isn’t a ‘hippy dippy’ solution. The technique is fact based and has a proven track record of working.

Try it and let me know what you think…..and thankyou to Sue…..she has and is still really helping me. x




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