Fighting the anxiety of my birth trauma PTSD

I have had a really rough few weeks. The panic and anxiety that has brimmed under the surface all year came to a head and resulted in a panic attack whilst getting ready for work three weeks ago. Sine then I have felt almost paralysed in a state of fear and anxiety. Some days I haven’t even had the energy or strength to get dressed. I am trying to take ‘action’ though. I’ve gone to my drs and gone

 back on medication and after an evening of feeling increasingly anxious I have just completed some EFT (emotional freedom technique) following one of Brad Yates, a reputable EFT practitioner, videos on You Tube. I did one for anxiety and had an almost ‘light bulb’ moment. It made me realise that for pretty much the 9 months of my pregnancy I lived in a ‘fearful’ state. My placenta previa diagnosis which got progressively worse made me worry terribly. I had insomnia spending many a sleepless night downstairs on my own in the early hours crying and worrying about my unborn child and my own mortality. Then her birth was the most frightened I have ever been in my life. I thought I had lost her and then underwent another spell in intensive care, a hysterectomy abd huge blood loss. So no wonder I feel like this right now. Its only been two years and I haven’t yet processed all that residual emotion and fear that I have carried with me for so long. So, I will keep on with my EFT and the belief that this will get better.

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  1. To write as you do you truly are an amazing lady, an all of your darkness you still have the time and strength to write in detail of your experiences. Just to know there are others out there, that we are not mad! (well no more then I was before! 🙂
    My little boy is 19 months old, I still cant write my story, thank you for helping others when you yourself are finding things a struggle.
    Take care lovely lady xxx

  2. It has long been argued whether PTSD is a psychiatric disorder or a psychological disorder. It is the latter. And it might not be that simple. That stress and problems you have might lead to this situation. It is best to understand this matter soon before it hits you. While on the other hand, if you are already suffering from this condition, it is good to see an expert for options. I have known many people who underwent somatic experiencing and I can attest that the results were great. By the way, thanks for posting this informative article about PTSD. 🙂

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