Looking for spiritual guidance for my PTSD….and failing

I went to see a clairvoyant on Friday night with my friend…another attempt to desperately seek an answer to when I will start to feel normal/happy again. It completely backfired on me…word to the wise never try and seek help in something like this when you already suffer from extreme anxiety and paranoia! She was extremely blunt and roude and basically told me that I should not feel sad about┬ámy births…that basically I should be grateful that I didn’t give birth in the war! Belittled me comes close…another person making me feel guilty for the way I feel. She then went on to tell me that I should leave my husband and that we will be divorced! The same man who hasn’t left my side once when I have needed his support, love and understanding so desperately. The man whose put up with my mood swings, temper, inconsoleable tears and complete irrationality. So, all weekend I’ve spent feeling utterly panic stricken and upset. All because I was desperately seeking an answer..again.

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