My Sons 4th Birthday

Yesterday was my gorgeous boys 4th birthday. That means it was also 4 years to the day that I nearly lost my life following his birth.

But do you know  for the first time I barely thought about those awful events and actually just celebrated his birthday and how wonderful that was. That felt amazing and like that dark cloud had been lifted.

Three lovely friends came who are all pregnant and whereas before that may have made me feel sad, envious etc I felt ok with it.

Don’t get me wrong its taken alot of soul searching, counselling, support from family and friends and if I’m honest medication to help but I have got there!

There will still be days when I feel upset and remember but I’m glad that finally my sons birthday is joyful and about him and not what happened to mummy.

Please know that you will get there. But you must find the right help and support to come to terms with your experience and accept that it did happen to you. Then you can move forward.

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