Will my PTSD nightmare ever end?

Today was really hard. I met an independent psychiatrist at the local ‘mental hospital’ who had to assess me with regards to my car crash claim. You see my crash exacerbated my PTSD symptoms so my case has become more complicated. I was doing well this time last year…managing my anxiety, lessening of nightmares, limited startled reflex response and do you know what feeling better! Then a boy racer decided to drive his car head on into me and my babies and my niece. I thought he’d killed them all. My car was written off, his was so bad even the police couldn’t say what it was. It tipped everything on its head for me. The flash backs came back, I jumped at everything, I had major panic attacks for the first time in my life…so bad my hands would go into spasm. I couldn’t sleep, I felt angry all the time and if I wasn’t angry I was crying. I even wet the bed after one particularly bad nightmare.
Today, I had to go through all of that again and my god it was hard. I felt drained, upset and really really sad. My own family don’t even understand how bad this has been and still is. When will it get better??

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